Garment manufacturers near me? We are Here, we are STUFF LIMITED, an 100% export oriented knit garment cut & sew factory in Bangladesh.

The Foundation of Stuff Limited

The founder was working in a large local renewable energy company in Bangladesh as a Head of Operations, but he always was very much interested in doing something on his own. So, as a result, he has started his own business in the garments industry though he is an electrical engineer. We have started the business as a buying and sourcing agent based in Bangladesh. Our main focus was to serve our customers with quality and commitment. Though we have stated from the ground with a 100 sqft sourcing office still we have managed to secure an order from our customer in the UK. It’s because of our quality, service, and commitment.


Moving Forward

For the quality and commitment, the name of Stuff Limited started spreading in the EU, We have got more customers in the UK and Italy as well. We have exported a lot of products in the UK & Italy this year. Also, we were making samples for some large and renowned brands in Italy at the same time through an Italian agent. Also, we were focusing on the Russian market and had a meeting with some Russian customers on lingerie.

Boosting Business

Garment manufacturers near me. from the very beginning of 2017, we have customers visiting us from the EU. We have received an order from a renowned group in Canada. After that customer started placing recurring orders to us. We have started planning for a new bigger office and production unit on our own. We have boosted up a lot for marketing in the EU and the US. Buying and sourcing business was a boom at that time.
Bangladesh is the best choice for placing any readymade garment order. In Bangladesh, we’ve got a huge advantage to manufacture the highest quality garments with the best price compare to any other country in the world.
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