The Foundation of Stuff Limited
We are a Garments manufacturer in bd. The founder was working in a large local renewable energy company in Bangladesh as a Head of Operations, but he always was very much interested in doing something on his own. So, as a result, he has started his own business in the garments industry though he is an electrical engineer. We have started the business as a buying and sourcing agent based in Bangladesh. Our main focus was to serve our customers with quality and commitment. Though we have stated from the ground with a 100 sqft sourcing office still we have managed to secure an order from our customer in the UK. It’s because of our quality, service, and commitment.
Boosting Business
From the very beginning of 2017, we have customers visiting us from the EU. We have received an order from a renowned group in Canada. After that customer started placing recurring orders to us. We have started planning for a new bigger office and production unit on our own. We have boosted up a lot for marketing in the EU and the US. Buying and sourcing business was a boom at that time.
Start getting big:
Stuff Limited has moved into a bigger office and started its own sample section with all proper equipment from US & Japan origin in order to make sure the best support and the best quality samples. So, samples went very easy and faster support to the customer. Recruiting new people with dedicated quality controllers and professional merchandisers to make the follow up smooth and fast and even better customer support. This year we have won a good order from a swimwear brand in the UK.
Starting Production
With continuous support from the customer, we have decided to start our own production line for the best quality with best the time of production and commitment to our customers. Stuff Limited’s initial production section is equipped with all world-renowned branded machines. All our workers are treated ethically and well paid with medical, health, and food facilities. We have started production with one of the highest growing underwear brands in Canada and we have received orders lots of companies in Canada. We have recruited all the people for the different departments. Also, we have rented bigger premises for a bigger factory, which is around 15,000 square feet. And we have hired a company for the SEDEX, BSCI & WRAP certificate. Garments Manufacturer in bd.
Garments Manufacturer in bd